Pop     A stateless light-weighted J2EE framework with object-oriented MVC
Major Features
  • Using Java object to represent a JSP page
  • Hyperlink to method invocation
  • No navigation rules
  • Loosely-coupled pages
  • Light-weighted stateless web server
  • Session stored in client side
  • Easy I18N
  • Easy load-balancing
  • Easy AJAX
Other Features
  • Class ProxyBuilder, which is used to replace Spring.
  • Class LazzyObject, which can help user to delay the request of construction a Java object, and the response speed of a complicated page is therefore improved dramatically.
  • Class Cache, which is used to construct cache.
  • Data structure of Tree and DirectedGraph.
  • Package pop.prolog, which can help user to build rule system and expert system and predicate logics system.
  • Package pop.compile, which is used to compile Java expressions.
To use Pop, please make sure that the version of your JDK or JRE should be 1.6 or above. E.g. Tomcat 6.0.x is based on JDK 1.5, please use Tomcat 7.0 or above instead.
Contact with author: Fang Lin
Last updated: Mar.31 2013